08 May 2010

YD's goblet collection

I went through the cupboard the other day and I've found that I accumulated several items from the various local teams and ballparks. Yes, I'm one of those who saves those 'souvenir' mugs and glasses. Not that they have any great value, but they're a good size to drink from if you want something that will last half a day.

I'd bet any of you who frequent local sports venues have a stack of these stashed away somewhere.

Got one from the local nines, the River Bandits, emblazoned with the logo of Modern Woodmen Park and the team logo and mascot, Rascal the Raccoon.

Yes, that's a can of WD-40 on the left. It works perfectly as a non-caloric cooking spray.

A glass from the Peoria Chiefs. This has been around a while-I don't think I've been to O'Brien Field since 2005.

I may have to work on collecting glasses from every team in the Midwest League. That'd be a noble goal, wouldn't it? Sure it would!

A Cubs cup from two or three years ago. Although its volume is about 2/3 the size of the first two, that Major League beverage probably cost $2-$3 more. Go figure.

Finally, the travel mug available at the refreshment stands at Soldier Field. When on the Chicago lakefront during the fall and winter, a lot of hot chocolate gets sold in these mugs at the Bears games.

Anyone else got some glasses from their local teams?

yankeedog out.


  1. Got a swag of promotional brewery glassware - Grolsch pint glasses, bespoke Duval and Hoegaarden glasses - but the souvenir cups aren't much of a go in Australasia, they usually serve them in nonspecific cups. We have NOTHING of the size of these beasties, either - nothing that needs a separate smaller bottom section in order to fit into your car's cup holder. You guys sure like your comedy oversized drinking vessels...

  2. Pretty much what Doc said, esp the beer glasses.

  3. The missus has got all the Harry Potter plastic cups.

  4. Doc, Bangar-Then I must start a concessions firm there. I bet I could move souvenir cups for an extra dollar a shot. Actually, it isn't like you get a lot of drink-just more ice. They mostly sell soft drinks in the glasses.

    Moko-Well, I guess that counts.