17 May 2010

It's a long way to Nindigully...

Over the last day or so, I've had occasion to read Havock's and Mayhem's accounts of H's Big Night Out, and I have to say that, while it looks like a good time was had by all, that many people in one place would bother this writer. I'm not good around people, and given that many of you regulars have been places and have real post-secondary educations, I think I'd come across as rather provincial. If y'all didn't leave the party, I probably would sneak out early and give everyone a break.

You all can get together in your big cities Down Under. But if I ever get to Australia, I'm looking up this place, which MickH forwarded me an email about a few months back. Because I'll be honest-this looks more like my speed.

The Nindigully Pub On The River. Free Camping, Showers, and Fishing! What's not to like? I suspect what's called a 'river' around those parts corresponds to a 'creek' (or as we pronounce it, 'crick') here in the Midwest. It's Queensland's Oldest Pub-quite possibly with some of Queensland's Oldest Pub-Goers regularly inhabiting the place.

I like the decor, although the place appears to be a bit clean for my taste. Substitute the 'XXXX' for 'Budweiser', and maybe a NASCAR poster or big Cubs or Bears schedule on the wall, and it could be any one of several places I know of around here.

A lot of people think that the watering holes in small towns can be boring. Not necessarily. I've seen most of my bar brawls in little hole-in-the-wall places. A lot of times, if the local law enforcement is a 15-20 minute drive away, things can get interesting. An old Russian saying in relation to Siberian affairs goes 'God is high up and the Tsar far away.' The Almighty may not be interested and the law is a piece and a bit away. You're on your own, or dependent on the mercies of the bartender.

But the Nindigully doesn't look too menacing. Looks comfortable, at least to me. And it has that 'If this place could talk...'appearance.

I'm told the house culinary specialty is this Cow in a Bun. Supposedly the burger patty weighs in at arounds 5 lbs. and the whole thing will feed 1-4 people. Not a bad deal for $36 local! If 1 person can finish all that, I reckon he'd look a bit like a python digesting a goat afterwards. And you might want to keep the bathroom clear-what goes in must come out. You all can get out here and I'll buy you ONE burger. There'd probably be enough for everyone!

More atmosphere I can relate to. I see a sign for Oliver Tractors on the wall (a company that hasn't been around for a long while-but you still see the odd Oliver soldiering on around a few farms), and a John Deere flag as well. I'm starting to feel at home here! Oh, and a Massey-Ferguson sign! Awesome! Still some M-F gear around as well.

I reckon if I hit the shores of the Great Southern Land, I'll get me to the Nindigully Pub. You all are welcome to show up for YD's Big Night Out. And you all have a good time.

I'll be on the veranda, sipping on a beer and watching the sun go down.


The Nindigully reminds of a (somewhat) local establishment (well, it's about 160 km north of me).

This is Breitbach's Country Dining and Bar, in Balltown, Iowa (population 'round about 120). Breitbach's lays claim to being Iowa's oldest bar (established in 1852), and legend has it that the famous outlaw Jesse James stayed here on his way to the Northfield raid up in Minnesota, back in the 1870s.

Breitbach's is a local institution which does a brisk business with the locals (it is the only place within a 10 mile radius), bikers, and tourists, especially in the autumn. The scenery is magnificent, as Balltown sits on a ridge overlooking the Mississippi Valley and the Land of Cheddar (Wisconsin).

If any of YOU ever get here, we'll make the run up there. I'll buy the first round and we'll do a proper Midwest farm-family nosh, where no one goes away hungry. If it's the right time of the year you'll be treated to some truly fantastic scenery as well.

The original Breitbach's burnt down a few years back, and the area merchants and people pulled together to build a brand-new place-which burnt down about six months after it opened! Third time's a charm, though, and yet another building has gone up and the family is serving up food and beer to all and sundry.

And the business goes on-Stars and Stripes and the banner of our local National Guard division, the 34th (Red Bull) Mech Infantry, flying.

Often the best places are slightly off the beaten path.

yankeedog out.


  1. I haven't been out there but the BIL probably has.
    Breitach is on it's way to becoming the local eqiuvalent of Babylon 5 ;)

  2. Epic burger. Funny, never considered people actually sharing it. There's a plan.

    The Burger gatherings are casual AS. It's like sitting in your lounge yacking away with us. I was a bit freaked the first time, but everyone is as they are on here.

  3. I think you'd have fun with everyone, YD.

    For the record, I too am Midwestern and I do NOT say "crick," it's a pet peeve of mine, it drives me crazy when people say they are going to Battle Crik. It's Creek! Battle Creek!


  4. Yup Burger gatherings are like Twitter, except at the pub. They're very relaxed.

    Nindingully looks like it's on the way out to Carnarvon Gorge, a magnificent national park in the middle of some of the dullest western Queensland scenery in all of... well, western Queensland I guess.

  5. Bangar-Yeah. When the place burnt down a second time, I didn't figure it'd get rebuilt. They get a hell of a lot of business, though, and someone would build a bar there.

    Moko-I couldn't eat that burger in a week. And I'm sure everyone is wonderful-but I'm not great in social situations.

    Jen-I suppose, but I think I'm too provincial for most people's tastes. And it IS 'crick', at least around these parts.

    Doc-I wouldn't care what the scenery was-I've been through the Mojave, after all-but the population density would likely suit me!