30 May 2010

More Fail pics

First, for Memorial Day-thanks to all of our veterans, ours and even those of our allies. Without your effort, the nation would be a different (and not necessarily better) place. Well done!

A few pictures for your perusal, from the always-funny Failblog:

In about .02 second, that's gonna really hurt...

Nothing says 'Baby Party' like a pack of Marlboro 100s. Those smokes would cost $25 a pack if you used a claw machine to vend them!

No funny comments on this one. Raccoons are very prone to rabies. This is just flat freakin' dumb!

This is from my favorite movie-Faceplant 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Looking at you, Spiderman!

Thanks, Chad, for making all of us Cub fans look like ass-clowns!! Why don't you go pull for the Cardinals with the rest of the mouth-breathers!

Can't necessarily argue with this...

Of course the first thing I would think of if I got my watch in salt water is to eat the thing!

Gets them ready for the Indian rail system-1 engine, 12 cars, 73182 passengers.

You know, I also wish they still made utes here as well. You guys at Ford seeing this?

I can get that bottle of Boone's Farm Strawberry on the top shelf! I don't need some candy-ass ladder to reach up there...

Cheers all!

yankeedog out.


  1. Loving the dual cab ute...

  2. Doc it wouldn't be such a Fail if they'd done a tonneau cover.

  3. Are you paying more than $5 per pack of cigs? I'm buying all my cigs at Duty Free Depot and I save over 70%.