24 May 2010


I could write about a lot of things this week-like the general nincompoopery of the Illinois state government, or the tensions on the Korean peninsula, or why certain nations have the idea that we should keep illegal immigrants in our country when those same nations won't tolerate illegal immigration in their own land, or any one of half a dozen other things. But I don't feel like getting too riled up, or actually having to grind the mental gears with an attempt of cogent thought.

So we'll make fun of signmakers instead.

The situation when the step is bad is that the gravity causes you to fall.

After three years, the government decides to taking payoff from copyright infringers!

I looked this guy up. Sir Fried, Lord Collifolawar. 18th century British general who won the Battle of Collifolawar, which gave England control of India. Brilliant leader and tactician.

I recommend this place for the next 'Burger gathering. I likes me some stewwed salty bone and meat, and eel tube maws in casserole. Awesome!

Actually, the word translation is perfect on this sign. There is, however, the pesky little matter of  sentence order...

I have one word for you. Just one word, Hashimoto-san. Prastics.

Hey, Wang! You been drinking bleach again? WTF?

I could go for a cod drink right about now!

Humburger in paradise/medium rare with mustard be nice/Heaven on earth with an onion slice/I'm just a humburger in paradise.

You know what? This actually makes as much sense as anything else in Windows!

OK, OK!!! So you slammed your hand in the shutter box! Don't have a knob! Geez, what a pansy!

Honey, tonight let's go down to the Containing-void Pavilion!

yankeedog out.


  1. ...and have a knob...oh I laughed.

    Engrish never fails to cheer me up :D

  2. Yeah a cod drink, thats what I need. Now where is that blender?

  3. Natalie-I suppose translation the other way looks funny to Asian types! Works both ways.

    Barnesy-Mmmm! Cod smoothies all around!