10 May 2010


A few screen captures from the great world of television:

And they said Fox leaned conservative! If that's the reaction when the Dow goes up 174, I gotta see what happens if it goes up 300 points!

I don't much care to see Lee Corso giving me college football thoughts on Saturday morning, either.

I always laugh when I see the name of Dick Pound, Actually, I have heard of the man, and he's big in the Olympic anti-doping field. I'd be angry, too, if I had his name.

Uh-oh. Some reporter fell for the oldest trick in the book. Give the reporter a name like 'Mike Litoris' and you and your friends get a laugh when the segment gets played at 6pm. Sounds like my radio name-Heywood Jablomie!

Yeah, that'd be a problem, the truck sliding in the spooge puddles and all...

It IS full of fiber, and possibly that would save a step when on the toilet...

For a grand total of 193%! Looke like Chicago voter math happening here. I believe the three UK PM candidates got the same percentage of votes.

And that's the way the Yankees play baseball-balls to the wall, wang out!

It isn't often that you see the Boner Shot in billiards.

Then I screwed a gumball machine. And a squirrel.

Damn! That's Warp 2.6! It should be halfway to Alpha Centauri by now!

You see the moon from here, and it doesn't look nearly as big as your average elephant. I think the judges have to review her answer.

Go figure.

yankeedog out.


  1. Got a laugh out of them YDog, re Dick Pound my comment is always "it must have been a difficult birth".