16 October 2009

I got nothing this week...

It's one of those times where I've got a lot of things going on that aren't all that interesting to anybody, including me.

I know, I know-so why should this stretch be any different than any other time you write anything? Six+ billion people in the world and I find comedians and comediennes.

Anyhow, you ANZers that visit regularly might be interested in knowing that the Major League Baseball Playoffs have been sponsored in part by Foster's-Australian for 'beer'. The Foster's we get here is brewed in Milwaukee-American for 'Chicago's Hat'.

Of course, having been set right by some of you, I know that no self-respecting Australian will touch a Foster's with a three-meter pole. It'd be like advertising 'Old Milwaukee-American for 'beer'' and trying to sell the stuff down there.

Still, I thought you might like to see the commercials running up here. Hold on to your national stereotypes, kids! You're about to get them tossed in your face.

How To Speak Australian:

Social Networking-Actually these guys look like people I know.

Metrosexual- I think his house needs some renovations.

GPS-I give directions pretty much the same way.

Bailout-Since you got no money, you get the tourist beer.

Man Purse-You could beat anything to death with that giant spanner.

Long Distance Relationship-Maybe he'd be getting to first base if he were drinking Veeb or 4X or even Drano...

There you are. Nice, huh? Fortunately, it could be worse. Could've been Jacko in these commercials! Whatever happened to him? Hopefully he made enough money in football and adverts and is an annoying network commentator or some such.

yankeedog out.


  1. GPS guy sounds South African. Otherwise my apologies YDog.

  2. Thanks for that, I got a laugh out of it.

  3. Looking forward to watching these over the next few days!

    What happened to Jacko. Well he was doing a standup comedy tour with Mark "Chopper" Read for a while. I think they called it Wild Colonial Psycos. I used to see Jacko occassionally in the Manhatten Hotel TAB on a sunday when playing pool there with a mate.

    http://www.manhattanhotel.com.au/index_html couldn't have been further from Manhatten really.

  4. Bangar-Possibly. People from New England could be trained to pull off a middlin' Australian standard accent as well.

    Barnesy-I gotta see how Americans are portrayed in foreign commercials. Possibly fat and lazy. Possibly true.

    Naut-Glad to see the guy is still working. Actually I understand he was a decent football player, if a bit over the top.

  5. Old Milwaukee is significantly better than Fosters. And Bud, and Miller, and Coors.