30 October 2009

An early bit of Halloween

We took a break (if you could call it that) tonight to help out with our church's Trunk or Treat event. It's similar to taking the kids trick-or-treating, except that the people with the goodies park their cars in the church lot, sugary goodness in the car trunks, and the urchins go from car-to-car. A bit safer than going door-to-door, especially in the 'hood my church is in.

I saved a few things for you all. Take two...and only two!

Except the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I call dibs on those.

Some of the costumes the people had on were amazing! The few times I had a bought costume, it was the cheap nylon coverall style with the vac-formed plastic mask that had the rubber band to hold it on your head, which promptly snapped after the second wearing. It was easier for most of us to go as soldiers-we all had hunting camo and old surplus Army field jackets.

But the costumes the kids had on tonight were awesome. Lots of demons, princesses, Transformers (big this year, obviously), and Zombies enough to satisfy even our Barnesy. One guy even had a pretty cool Pinhead Cenobite mask. A shame he was too old be collecting candy, but a lot of people take pride in their Halloween fancy dress. Neat stuff.

It would have been a perfect evening had the wind not been blowing a gale. A bit chilly-someone had the good idea to brew up some coffee-but hot apple cider would have gone better. Hot cider with cinnamon schnapps would I suppose have been too much to ask.

Back to it tomorrow-The Better Half takes voice lessons and she has a short recital on Saturday. She'll be doing The Seekers' The Carnival Is Over (tho' I prefer the original Russian-Из-за острова на стрежень,

/На простор речной волны/Выплывают расписные/Стеньки Разина челны.) and Georgy Girl. And from the "Well, duh!" file-I thought The Seekers were from England. Didn't know they wuz Australian. Oops! One of you from there might have told me. I like a lot of the folk-rock that came out of the mid 1960s, and they did it about as good as any group around at the time.

After that, up to do some stuff for my mom, then probably help my brother with some project or another at his place. And I suspect Sunday morning will be spent at work-I've got a couple of projects that desperately need finishing. TBH will be dealing with the aunt on Saturday after the recital.

Monday looks good after this-very relaxing to simply get back to work!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

yankeedog out.


  1. The Seekers were predominantly Pom immigrants I think, but then again most of the better Oz rock/pop acts of the 60s and 70s were - the Easybeats, Billy Thorpe, AC/DC, Jimmy Barnes, the Bee Gees (no, not really, though they were Poms).

    Old flatmate of mine - she's now living in Philly hoping they don't win the world series so her car doesn't get turned over - made her hubby a fairly awsm costume. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mormolyke/4057629275/ Apparently it's a giant squid but looks pretty phallic to me.

  2. Got to admit to having a set of greens in the closet for a costume.

  3. Doc-Your flatmate done good! That's a great costume-although, yes, it does look like he has a giant condom on his head.

    The Bee Gees get a bit of a bad rap because of the 'Saturday Night Fever' album. I like their old 60s/early 70s work:


    Bangar-It's hard to beat surplus military gear for knocking around in. Back where I came from, camo was the clothing of choice-a lot of hunting, fishing, and outdoors types there.

  4. I have a pair of urban cam pants for wearing over jeans back when I had a motorbike.

    We still don't get Halloween over here, we had the grand total of 0 trick or treaters and so I have a lot of Freddo Frogs to eat.

    My mum used to kind of know Judith Durham from when she worked for the MCC's (Melbourne Cricket Club) PR company. Reckons she is a lovely lady. Best of luck to your better half!

  5. Naut-You guys need to do Halloween. Costume parties, drinking, and acting at times foolish.
    What's not to like?

    The recital did go well-and was fairly short. All good!