03 January 2011

Writer's block

I have topics, but I don't know what to write about. Can't seem to muster desire enough to write up anything big.

What sounds good?

a) The Great White Fleet of 1906 and its impact on relations with Australia/New Zealand?
b) The common man's guide to capitalism?
c) Playing vs. not playing starters in a meaningless sporting event?
d) Some local history?

Anything sound good?

yankeedog out.


  1. I like you local history just coz I know mine. But battles locally, and tribes that were there?

  2. If any of those topics contain zombies go right ahead.

  3. Lesbians. But failing that, sports. (This may be how every World of Bollocks post ever has been written)

  4. all sound good, and all as Therbs has suggested would be improved with the addition of Zombies or indeed lesbians.

  5. Lesbian zombies? I've seen the movie Stripper Zombies ... but lesbian zombies has got to go right to the top of the list.