01 January 2011

First post of the year

Well. I see 2011 is here. Looks a lot like 2010. Still no flying car in the driveway or antigrav belt in the closet.

The Better Half's relatives left on the 30th. Christmas around here a something of a six-day long whirlwind. It's good to see everyone. It's also good to see everyone go.

I skipped the New Year's Eve festivities. If I knew of a little place out in the country with a big fireplace and not much in the way of noise I'd have made for it for a weekend getaway. However, if you did go out and/or do New Year's up big, hope it went well for you!

Not much to say right now. I'm going to go read about the British naval mutinies of the 1930s. Later all!

yankeedog out.


  1. Happy New Year YD! these days a quiet NYE is more the norm and to be honest, that suits me fine.

  2. Damn mutineers, its rum, sodomy & the lash for them. Which describes some of the New Year's Eve celebrations in Sydney's Oxford Street.

  3. BAck at ya buddy. Still got damn visitors.