23 January 2011

Well, bugger all...

The Packers beat the Bears 21-14. Unfortunately, it was about what I expected. Reckon if you expect your team to finish 6-10 or 7-9 in the regular season, and they end up in the conference championship, you can't be all that disappointed.

Bad thing is that the Bears have a lot of holes to be filled, and finishing near the top means their first draft pick will be toward the bottom of the list. Since GM Jerry Angelo doesn't have a good track record in player drafts, not much good will probably come of the 2011 NFL draft for the Bears.

Ok, then. Pitchers and catchers report in six weeks for baseball spring training. The Cubs look all set to have another mediocre baseball season in 2011.

Blackhawks look bad. Not sold on the University of Illinois basketball team. The Bulls don't do much for me. Looks like a long year sportswise.

Anyone got a team I can pull for? Anyone got a team that needs the hex put on?

yankeedog out.


  1. YD ... c'mon over to the Black & Gold ... I'm sure I have an extra jersey here for you somewhere.

  2. My offsider at work is a Sheilas fan. He's a big fan of sports and follows NFL (Steelers) and MLB (Cubs) amongst other things. We watched a fair bit of the Steelers game between work things. Me, I've always liked the Steelers (I like saying Pittsboig), Bears (The Fridge - my body double) and the Cowboys (Staubach). Therein lies the dilemna of getting Superbowl Monday off work. Two key plaeyrs away, him being a big Steelers fan, me not that committed. If I can I'll take it, but I reckon he gets it anyway, he's my best worker and has put in big time recently. Still, if I can work it, I'll be hoistig suds, smoking a stogie and watching the game. oh yeah, can't forget the bratwurst, wings, Samuel Adams and for later, maybe a Makers Mark or Elijah Craig.

  3. Oh yeah, support South Sydney Rabbitohs in the National Rugby League (for Dr Y, Russell Crowe and assorted radio nazies and numpties), and Richmond Tigers in the Gay Football League (for Havsy and not many others). Not that they need much help in looserness.

  4. Rhino-Congrats to the Stillers! And don't even THINK of palming off that Kordell Stewart jersey off on me. Forget about it!

    Therbs-Give your coworker my condolences for being a Cub fan. Sorry to spread that particular blight down there. And, hey, if the Super Bowl party don't pan out, have the stogie and a shot or two while enjoying the game.

    Rabbitohs? I dunno, man. 'Rabbitohs' is Australian for 'Detroit Lions'. With all respect to the Doc. It takes a certain type to pull for the perennial also-ran. I think we all want to say we were there when they won it all.