31 October 2010

The night of sca-a-a-a-ry monsters...

Halloween here tonight. The day falling on Sunday I think puts a damper on the festivities, since tomorrow is a school and work day, football is on, and the World Series is going full swing.

We helped TBH's mom with handing out sugary goodness. 73 kids came to the door, so it was a bit below average. At least here, most cities and towns have prescribed trick or treat hours (usually on the order of 5pm-7 or 8pm) and the little urchins tricksters are only supposed to go to houses where the porch light is on. Usually the kids come in wolfpacks to the door, their parents watching from the sidewalk. That's a far cry from when we were young, when we went out by ourselves, without parents, banged at everyone's door, and went out-get this, everyone-after dark! No, really.

I saw a lot of adults out in their driveways, fire going in a burning barrel, and a big tub of treats alongside the lawn chairs. We should've done that-got a little fire going and roasted some hot dogs. It was a beautiful night out, for the end of October.

I have to say that whatever Halloween lost as a day where a youngster could go out by him-or-herself, it's gained in quality of costumes. Kids these days have a lot of great homemade costumes. We saw enough mini-zombies this year to give Barnesy the jitters! One girl had a football outfit with a Bears Jay Cutler jersey. I think the trick for her would have been to throw the football to someone in the same color jersey she was wearing. Even Cutler has trouble doing that...but I digress.

When I was really little, we had the cheap crappy nylon suits with the vacformed plastic masks. What a waste of money those were! When I got older, we could all go to the Army surplus store or sporting goods store and pick up some old ODs or camo clothes. Then we'd go out looking like a raggedy-ass bunch of militia-or child solidiers. Little, pudgy, candy-craving child soldiers. After that we discovered eggs, toilet paper, underage drinking, and the fundamentals of stealth, cover, and concealment. Now we pass the traditions along to the younger generation. Some of the traditions, anyway. As for the others...well, some things you just have to learn from your friends and peers.

So in honor of the day just passed, the anthem of Halloween, courtesy of Somerville, Massachusetts' very own...Bobby 'Boris' Pickett. You know the tune. Sing it loud.


I've had a severe earworm this weekend, courtesy of my coworker Brad, the game Fallout: New Vegas, and Kay Kyser and his Orchestra. The only thing I can do is pass it along to the rest of you.

Never played any of the Fallout series, but I have to think it'd be great fun to break people and things in a postapocalyptic retrofuturistic Las Vegas, 1952-era soundtrack going in the background! Might have to think hard about getting this one.

yankeedog out.


  1. Good to hear it was a good night, nothing happened down here. I've sort of lost interest in FPS but Fallout looks good.

  2. Too many zombies, but the weapon goes in costume as a zombie hunter (ASH from the Evil Dead series).

    Sounds like a good night, over here in Aus we are still trying to raise the profile had no trick or treaters but didn't stop us being prepared with a carved pumpkin JackOLantern in the window by the front door to know they'd be welcome and toffee apples and other wrapped lollies in a bowl.

    Hell yeah, Fallout3, I've lost track of how many hours I've spent playing. Fortunately the game keeps track for you. Haven't started the Los Vegas one yet. Want to get through the swalking dead add on for Red Death Redemption.

  3. I kinda think we missed something in our childhoods by not having it here and I don't give a fuck that people wrongly think its just an American thing. Its fun, end of story.
    Watched "Zombie Strippers" as my special treat.

  4. Bangar-Understand that Halloween ain't huge down there (yet).

    Barnesy-Nice costume for the boy! And well done on the day.

    F:NV has quite an interesting soundtrack-old country/western and Rat Pack tunes.

    Therbs-Glad you enjoyed. Given some of the stuff that happens, I'm surprised your fair land hasn't wholeheartedly adopted the day!