24 February 2010

Latest news from the front

Been a busy first part of the week here at the Lodge.

Sunday my mom called here complaining of pain in the gut. We took her to the hospital, where they found that her gallbladder resembled a gravel pit. Monday morning saw a cholecystectomy, the five dollar word for removing the abovementioned organ. Everything went well with the surgery and I reckon she'll be back home in a day or so.

Gallbladder removal is done typically as a laproscopic procedure ('keyhole' surgery) and all they do is cut three small holes in the abdomen. My aunt had hers removed back in the late '50s. They cut her open from ribcage to pubis and it took weeks to recover from that. Amazing, the advances we've had in surgical procedures since then. Laproscopic procedures are so much better for everyone: a simpler procedure for the surgical team, faster 'turnaround' for the hospital, and faster recovery and less chance of a post-op infection for the patient. Win-win-win. A good deal.

Yet another crisis deflected. It would be nice to have a couple of weeks where we weren't skipping from one event to another. I suppose everyone else would as well.

Other than that, been watching the Olympics-the US beat Switzerland in hockey today, 2-0. That'll show those fondue-eating, four-language-having, neutrality-espousing, yodeling bastidges where the bear craps in the buckwheat! Really, I don't get too nationalistic for the Olympics-I enjoy watching bobsled, luge, and hockey. And curling. Especially curling. Best. Sport. Ever. Good performances are good performances no matter the sport or country-the exception of course being the St. Louis Cardinals and any NFL team Brett Favre is on.

One item of news that did catch my eye comes from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), home of the Ole Miss Rebels of the Southeast Conference (SEC). Seems some of the people on campus are looking to replace their logo and mascot, Colonel Reb:

Consarn it! Y'all cain't replace the Cuhnel, even though Ah look mighty like Cuhnel Sanders!

So someone in the student body proposed another great Rebel leader. Who dat, you ask? Robert E. Lee? Stonewall Jackson? Mississippi's own Jefferson Davis, Confederate President?


Our defensive line cannot repel an Alabama Crimson Tide attack of that magnitude!

Admiral Ackbar.

Well, he did lead the Rebel fleet in Return of the Jedi when they went up against Death Star 2: Electric Boogaloo! Our hope is that the good Admiral does in fact become Ole Miss's next logo and mascot. And, of course, I hope this selection doesn't offend, annoy, or provide a negative image of any Mon Calamari that may be out there.

And people think college is all hard work and sweat!

yankeedog out.


  1. Good to see your blokes do the Swiss. The only good thing about Switzerland I thought was Feldschlossen beer.
    The Canucks were thrashing the Russkies 7-3 last time I looked. Good result for the maple munchers.

  2. Yeah particularly since Ovechkin was talking the contest up in the pre-game. He's gonna lose that round of the eternal Alex vs Sid-The-Kid battle.

  3. You forgot to mention the lack of design ability inherent in the Swiss.

  4. Therbs-We'll see how Team USA does in the medal round. The Russians are done. Not a good showing for them.

    Doc-Most guys will lose against Crosby. Wish he was with the Blackhawks!

    Bangar-They do make good chocolate, though.

    Actually I don't have any big axe to grind on the Swiss. How could anyone? Just another team on the way to getting the hardware.

  5. We did well this year, 2 gold and a silver, best ever.

    not sure who to go for Canada or the US in the hockey. should be good though

  6. Mick-Saw the Australian speed skater last night. The coverall looked straight out of 'Tron'.

    The Canadians will piss and moan big time if we pull off a win on their home ice!