18 February 2010

It all comes out in the wash

The other day the washer here in the apartment went belly up. I'm sure it's a drive belt broken or slipping as the motor runs but the machine doesn't agitate or spin. I could possibly fix this, but we won't get a break on the rent, so the landlord can get someone here to do the repairs. So tonight I trundled down to the local laundromat, big basket of clothes in tow and a pocket full of quarters to feed the machines.

I hate going to the laundromat. The time spent there seems slightly longer than the month of March but shorter than the last ice age. There's a row of washers, a third of which don't work. Usually you find out which ones don't work after you've put the $2 in them. The dryers aren't any better. I find the dog-eared Reader's Digest from 2002 provides seconds of entertainment as a preliminary to the main event of counting the holes in the ceiling tiles.

I find this clip from The Young Ones to be an accurate account of a trip to the laundrette.

There are a few Scrub Pubs out there, which is to me the perfect business concept. Put a bar and grill and some games right inside to the laundromat. I wouldn't mind taking the wash out so much if I thought a beer, some nachos, and a round of darts was close by.

Ah, well. The dryer here still works, and I reckon the laundromat beats taking the dirty clothes down to the river and beating them against a rock. But only just.

Cheers, all. Enjoy your weekend!

yankeedog out.


  1. As long as they get to it quicksmart, if not you can always give my name to the landlord for repairs. Tell him I'll only charge travelling and parts.

  2. Hell YD, for travelling and parts money, give him MY name if you want. Course Bangar is possibly just "slightly" more qualified than I to actually "fix" the problem if that's what you really want!

  3. Bangar-If I have to keep going to the laundromat, I'LL buy the ticket for you to come up and fix the washer. It'd be cheaper.

    Mayhem-You, young lady, are just too thoughtful! :)

  4. During my share house days I found a laundromat opposite the London Hotel in Balmain. That made for a very satisfying weekly laundry adventure and made feel sort of smug, being able to combine pubbing with laundry duties. These days I'd be struggling to find a laundromat, let alone one near a pub.

  5. Therbs-You ain't missing much by not having to try to find a laundromat!