05 September 2010

Now hear this! Uniform of the day is...

...I'm not sure. I did read a bit in the local paper that the current style of plunging necklines is making it tough for some women to find appropriate clothing for a professional workplace.

The 'guy' part of me says 'So? What's the problem?'. But I do know that there are women who aren't entirely comfortable wearing something at the office that shows a lot of cleavage. The Better Half wears a lot of turtleneck blouses to work, so I know at least one woman who's bucking the fashion trend.

I know there are a few things that I am tired of seeing on people. I think I'll sound like an old man. So be it.

-I'm tired of seeing big, massive tattoos on everyone. Used to be, people got inked as a sign of their individuality. If everyone goes and gets tattooed, then where's the individuality? Aren't you just following the herd at that point? Used to be that women got a rather small and dainty tattoo somewhere. Now they get the stuff like a map of Pennsylvania, the Japanese characters for 'Fire Exit', or a schematic for a dishwasher done up someplace on them. I'm just not sure that's a good look. Veterans of either gender get a pass-tattoos are part of the culture.

-Ditto the people with earlobes stretched out with holes the size of dinner plates. I know-you're making a statement. That statement, however, is 'I look like a Ubangi or some dude from New Guinea'. What makes a person think this a) looks good, or b) will enhance their chances of getting that district manager job?

-The goth look. I've seen enough girls with hair dyed jet-black, clad in black, eyes lined in black, and a permanent pout. If you don't like your life now, just wait. It gets worse.

I'm sure there's more, but right now ideas aren't coming into my head. Like I said, perhaps I'm simply becoming old. So maybe design something with a little higher neckline for the ladies. And you kids get out of my yard!

yankeedog out.


  1. You are all individuals, we are all individuals (just cut from the same mould it seems)

  2. ahaha @ B.

    Damn whipper-snappers.

  3. Damn! Barnes beat me to it.

    heheheheheh....you've just described the Mini-Spy but I am grateful that the tattoo the size of Nebraska hasn't graced her skin yet.

  4. Bangar-We're a collective herd of individuals.

    Barnesy, Moko-And I have to get to the restaurant in time for the Early Bird Special.

    Nat-Just wait. It's probably in the future. :P