03 September 2010

Need some help, Blogger users...

Anybody know how to block a person from a Blogger blog?

I seem to have found some unwanted company here, who is good at spreading gossip and putting herself in everybody's affairs. She's local. I hate to make the blog 'friends only' or skip to another address, but I may not have much choice. If there's a simple way to block her, I'd prefer to go that route.

Need some technical genius, people. Failure is not an option. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.


(EDIT-Looks like our guy Moko found a solution for me-but I'll entertain any and all solutions.)

yankeedog out.


  1. Not through Blogger - if it was Twitter or Farcebook or whatever, you could, but here not without killing this blog and starting another site.

    My suggestion to her would be to get a hobby. Something that involves not being a small-minded moron.

  2. Extreme violence is not an option then?

  3. Yeah I've had my own stalker from RSVP track me down and I can't find a way to block him so I just live with it. Blogger is totally shit for that unlike JS which always had the friends-only option. There is a way to pick out your readers and make it private but it seems very labourious.

  4. Good work Moko, I mean I'd follow Dr Y to a new location but easier if you can just block

  5. Doc-There's nothing to her that a full-time job wouldn't cure.

    Bangar-I expect not.

    Nat-There may be a way-but it is also not easy. How the hell hard would it be to build a 'friends only' option here? Jeez. JS did it, and they couldn't figure out to run a decent computer system.

    Barnesy-Moko is now Electronic Countermeasures Officer here.