13 July 2010

A good race run...

The Better Half's aunt passed away the other night, just over a month past Birthday number 95. Not a bad run, all things considered. She lived independently up until last October, then dementia and a mild heart attack saw us put her in a nursing facility. After New Year's, the mental facilities slipped pretty drastically and toward the end it was a reversion back to infancy.

Might sound hard-hearted, but I do believe in dignity in life as much as possible. I'm glad she's free of this existence. I choose to think that she's gone off to a better place. If that isn't your thing, then she's just gone-but trapped in an old body with no mind...it's still a release.

The amazing thing is that if her obit was going to be in the paper, it would probably read 'after a brief illness'. As many of you know, illness and dementia are only 'brief' if you aren't the one dealing with it!

To use a rather ancient joke, I hope I die peacefully, in my sleep-not kicking and screaming like the passengers in my car!

yankeedog out.


  1. That is a down side of modern medicine it can keep you going after you've vacated the premises. Then again I'd still like to hang around a bit yet.

  2. YD, dementia got into my dad for his last six years or so. Its a fucking shame, the whole thing. When my mum died she did it reasonably quickly, but not in her sleep which she wanted. At least she had her brain still working at maximum.
    Your right, dementia ain't a "brief illness", its an ugly motherfucker which saps a person's being like some sort of evil cognition leech.
    Ninety-five is a pretty good innings. Your aunt did well.

  3. Bangar-That's because you're not suffering from dementia. At least I don't think so.

    Therbs-A shame for both your parents. Six years of dementia-damn! That's a long time. And your description of it fits to a T.