02 July 2010

234 years...and we still together!

Sunday brings the 234th birthday of the USA. We're sputtering a bit, but...we're still going, still around, still relevant!

We've done well, our little experiment in a federal republic. Lord willing and the creek don't rise, we'll be here for a while longer-saving damsels, slaying dragons, and being a pain to all the other nations of the world, we prickly, annoying Americans.

But instead of extolling the virtues of America and getting into the big pissing match with the rest of the world that usually ensues, I figured we'd put it aside and I'll just invite you all to YD's Virtual 4th of July Party With Musical Selections.


Hey! Welcome all! Nice of you to show up-glad to have you here. Like the red, white, and blue bunting on the side of the house? I stapled it on myself.

Yeah, I know. It'll leave holes. Reckon I didn't think that through.

You got here just in time-we'll be able to see the fireworks from here. So, make yourself at home. I've got the grill fired up. Burgers, anyone? I've got corn on the cob (first local batch of the year) on as well. Salad with vegetables from the garden, and of course apple pie for dessert. Be ready in a bit-tell you what, grab a cold Sam Adams from the ice chest, or git yo'self a shot of fahn Kintucky bourbon, or a bottle of Coke. Pull up the lawn chairs. Talk amongst yourselves, or just listen to some tunes.

Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, Bakersfield

Oh, heck yeah, got a huge yard here. We certainly can get a pickup game of softball going! It'll have to be the 16 inch slowpitch, though. What say we US against you Australia/New Zealand? All right! I'll keep the tunes going.

New York, Alabama, California, West Virginia

Whew! That was close! You guys would've won if Bangar hadn't dropped that fly ball out in right field! You can't field the ball AND hold onto a full can of beer! Looks we took the game 22-21-typical for a 16 inch softball tilt. Better luck next year! Burgers are done-dig in while I reload the music.

The Rivers, The Railroads, The Automobiles

Hope everyone enjoyed the picnic! Not much left, you bunch of vultures. I see the sun's starting to go down a bit-what say you guys help me drag some of that deadwood into a pile and we'll get a bonfire going.

Well done! It's a beaut, and the smoke will help keep some of those bloodsucking mosquitoes away. Pull up the lawn chairs, and relax a spell while we wait for dark, and fireworks.

Ah. I see you found my secret stash of firecrackers. Don't throw them in the fire, guys. Guys! Not in the fire! No, no...

Muskogee, Memphis, Lodi, Las Vegas

Nice one! Cooking off all my firecrackers in the bonfire. Appreciate it. There were some pretty good bangs happening there, I gotta admit.

What do you know? It's dark, and I believe the fireworks are commencing now! Some great pyrotechnics-the sky's being lit up in all colors with everything from boomers to showers! Great how they have the show synched up to music, Sousa, of course. The Armed Forces Medley. The 1812 Overture-because nothing shouts 'America' like a work by Chaikovskiy. Go figure.

So. Looks like a good time was had by all! Hope you enjoyed the bash. Do it again next year? Y'all come back now, y'hear?

yankeedog out.


  1. Hey Yankeedog, thanks for the musical trip around the States and I enjoyed the day! Too bad about the ballgame but we'll get you next time.
    It was fun trying to pick which songs you'd link up, Elvis was a natch.

    Happy Birthday to you Yanks! Keep those burgers cooking and the Miller cold.

  2. Happy 234th Birthday USof A.

    Nice party YD. As usual you put on a good spread.

  3. Nice party YDog, same time next year?

  4. Therbs, Bangar, Al- Thanks and glad you enjoyed!