26 January 2010

Success with fails

Looks like Failblog is going to give People of Walmart a run for its money. Some good pics there!

Here are a few for your perusal.

The day the Cubs win the World Series.

And I thought the Philippine terrorist group MILF took the 'Most Suggestive Acronym' award...

The other day, Bangar told me he fixed the air conditioning in his car. Works now!!

Forsooth! 'Tis Sir Darth of Vader, Lorde of the Sythe! Wouldst ye partake of a tyrkey legge, m'lorde?

The hair-of-the-dog aisle!

Yo, yo, yo! This is Pastor Dogg! Give it up for our God, G-Hovah!

Way to go, England! Take that effing tower from the French! They owe you for two World Wars, anyway!

Unfortunately, Spiderman met his match in the evil villain Analfisticus.

The Ravens used the Baltimore Slingshot several times on their way to the playoffs.

So THAT'S where refried beans come from!

yankeedog out.


  1. And I also fixed the nighbours '57 Caddy. Talk about auto everything, I fixed the auto boot close/open. You close the boot and it pulls it down tight. I may have to adjust that A/C but at least the beer is cold.

  2. That Breakfast 6 aisle won me.