09 December 2009

Trans-Siberian Weather

So, Yankee-what's been going on?

We got our first big winter storm of the year-right in the QCs we only got about 6" (15 cm) of snow, but to the north of us those folks got around 10" (25 cm) of the white stuff. It started on Tuesday and the temperature was above freezing. Tonight it's supposed to get down to -2 (-19 c) and thanks to the wind blowing off the snowfield it's going to feel like -20 (-28). Brrr! Typical Midwest winter weather.

I see we have enough stuff around the house for a big pot of chili-and this is the perfect weather for having it. I rather wish I didn't have to go out in the snow, but that's the way it goes. Winter is a season for the young. I remember being all excited back in the day when it snowed. I'd listen to Radio Free Savanna to see if school was canceled. If it was the neighborhood kids would get together for a day of sledding. Now I just wish I could curl up under a big blanket, books and pine-smoked Russian Caravan tea in hand, and hibernate.

What's it look like around those parts? Go here and pull up some snapshots.

Meanwhile, go and read about gift-giving.

At the Bash.

yankeedog out.


  1. Sounds cold, I hate the cold.

    Chili is good though.

  2. Hmm, I did Dresden (Germany) in early Jan in a T-Shirt and leather jacket, if I visit I reckon I'd need something a tad more substantial.

  3. We're under a Blizzard warning here until Friday!

  4. Naut-Every year I like the cold less and less. Everything outdoors takes twice as long (getting cars started, driving to places). And, yes, chili is good any time of year.

    Bangar-Generally, yes. Europe is generally a bit warmer in winter. We being in the interior of a continental mass don't get any moderation from the oceans. Get yourself a parka and a cap!

    Jen-You might get the edge of the bad stuff, but you'll also get some lake effect snow. Good luck!

  5. Sitting here sweating to death at 11pm. Would love some cold!

  6. Hello, Mayhem! Thanks for stopping by.

    I'll trade you some cold for a bit of subtropical warmth right about now.

  7. Warm and sunny down here

    big pot of chili- mmmm chilli

  8. Yeah, Barnesy-rub it in about it being warm and sunny there. Thanks.

  9. It sounds like a t-shirt and shorts day to me out there. Think of the giant sized snow ball you could make.

    Hope life finds you well.

  10. Stu-Where ya been? Last I heard you were headed towards Australia. Did they finally let you go?