31 December 2009

Another year passed...

Happy New Year, ever'body! It's New Year's Eve here-and I think we'll be staying in this evening. I hope, however, that if you do go out, you all will be safe and smart with your revelry.

My plans for New Year's Day involve a fair amount of college football bowl games-there are a bunch scheduled over the weekend. The only bowl I have a deep interest in is played on Jan. 5,  when the Iowa Hawkeyes play Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl.

Your assignment is to pull for Tech's Yellowjackets in this match-cheer on The Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech (and you can learn the fight song here so you can sing along during the game)! I have the same amount of love for the Hawkeyes that I have for the St. Louis Cardinals-that is to say, none.

Go 'Jackets! After that I don't need to hear any more about Atlantic Coast Conference football.

All the best for New Year's! And stay hydrated-the key to dampening them pesky hangovers!

yankeedog out.


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours mate. Would love to see a game of your footy sometime.

  2. Moko-And I wish I could see some Aussie footy. We used to get the AFL on ESPN back in the 80s, and your football is a great game to watch!

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