20 July 2009

Yeah. Beat them Aussies!

A quick post. I'm watching women's softball on ESPN after viewing the Cubs receive a beating by the Phillies 10-1. Nice. Guess a four game sweep of the hapless Nats really didn't prove anything.

Anyway, this is the World Cup of Softball and the match features the US v. Australia, with the US up 3-1 in the 4th inning. C'mon, USA! Got too many Australians visiting here to have to hear about any big comebacks from the one or two citizens there that are paying attention to the sport.

We just got to hear the Australian coach complain to the umpire regarding a called third strike. Oddly enough, he kept the tone civil and didn't swear to the ump (who was miked up for TV). Given those parameters I'd question whether or not he was from the Land Down Under. Certainly a Havock or Nautilis would have let the hapless umpire have it with both verbal barrels, doubly so after the umpire kicked them out of the game. Coach Barlow needs to work on his talking to the umpire. Maybe something like this from the great old manager of those '70s and '80s Baltimore Orioles teams, Earl Weaver.

Good stuff, fast-pitch softball, men's or women's. Recommended for any fans of stick and ball sports.

yankeedog out.


  1. Sorry YD, can't pay attention to us losing softball, we've got far more important sports to lose at. Like cricket and rugby, we suck at those right at the minute.

  2. Seems we're on a roll.

  3. Don't mention the cricket...

  4. Must agree with the Doc and Bangar. Add the Tour de France to that list.

    We are having a bit of a rest and allowing the rest of the world wing something for a change.

  5. We were never winning the Tour de France, not with Cadel Evans' rubbish Lotto team vs the Kazakh Death Star that is Team Astana with Armstrong and Contador. And we do still have Mark 'Call the breakdown service again please' Webber in the winner's circle, until the next F1 Grand Prix at least.

  6. Actually, the Australian team did end up getting the tying runs on base and the go-ahead and possibly winning run at the plate in the final inning before she hit a screaming line drive-right to the US right-fielder for the final out.

    Chalk another loss up then. Welcome to our world.

  7. softball? what's that?


  8. Mick-Softball is the sport that the Australian squad lost!

    And where ya been?