31 July 2009


There are no limits to human ingenuity. Or human stupidity, depending on your point of view:

And here I've been buying tires and rims like a sucker. I coulda just bought a pair of heavy-duty casters!

All I had was two flashlights, wire, a bit of tape, and some ordinary household bleach...

New from Yankeedog-the 'Vise-Grip' faucet line. Simple yet elegant.

Our fire department's had some cutbacks.

This is my air conditioning retrofit kit. It works on any vehicle. I'm still working on minaturizing the air conditioner, generator, and fuel tank, though.

Why waste all that air blowing out of the vents?

One for Steve. The Buicksaki Basic Motorcycle Trainer.

Some workers might use a patch and rivets to fix a plane. Or they might use carbon-fiber bonding agent. The FAA might insist the winglet be replaced. But I prefer the maintenance worker's secret weapon-duct tape!

I think I've had my car loaded like this at times.

This is my entry in the Mad Max Cross-Country Rally.

SCOTT (excitedly): Cap'n, I've rerouted the warp power through th' Pringles cans!

Most people don't know that a wooden utility pole will heal in about six weeks if you put a splint on it...

YD's Flea Market Special-Hot Off The Truck! Pentium Dual-Core Computer. $9.95.

Natalie! I got your guitar fixed. You owe me $350!

The 2015 Cadillac. A 'green' car for a new era!
Cheers all!
yankeedog out.


  1. Brilliant YDog.
    "Round here we've got duct tape to fix things that move an shouldn't and WD40 for things that should move and dont"

  2. That's quality workmanship. Macgyver-esque dare I say. Rock band roadies everywhere would be rejoicing.

  3. Headed to make more coffee, as most of it got spit out and up my nose from laughing.

  4. Lord, there's some weird shit here...

  5. Lol, reading this while watching MacGyver.

  6. Good stuff, eh? You can see more at:


  7. Fuck me, some people do some very, very different kinda shit. Mind you, I did have the gen set in the back of the ute once with 150w porta floods hooked up, on the roof. FUCK was there some light going down the road.

  8. If you have a picture of that setup, send it to the guy who runs the 'There I Fixed It' site. Share it with the whole class!

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