06 July 2009

When the best weapon is a club

Some oops moments with weapons.

.50 cal

Torpedo malfunction

AT missile

Not a weapon screwup-but a classic bed trick.

Actually, I knew someone who had a hunting accident similar to these. He was using a muzzleloader, and somehow he didn't quite get the powder mixture right. Pulled the trigger and -pffft. The shot dribbled out of the muzzle and a tiny puff of smoke trickled out. Reckon that beats overcharging and blowing the barrel apart, though-unless you count the mortification that arises when the animal you're shooting at points and laughs.

yankeedog out.


  1. I had a nice laugh at those YDog. Got the Boss (not Bossman the other chap) a good one on a trip away turned the bed around 180 and put the pillows back at the top, quicker and easier than short sheeting.