01 June 2009

Some odds and ends...

There are times I want to put this blogging thing to bed because I'm not always sure I've got a lot to add to the vast sum of human knowledge that's in cyberspace. I rarely have thoughts on, well, anything. From the reader's standpoint, how many times can you hear about the annual Cub march to futility or see construction pictures before the blog becomes a cure for insomnia? I tire of political debates, and at any rate there aren't as many as there were in the days of Mr. Bush and company. Actually I tire of online debates as I find everyday life to provide challenge enough for the average day. And there are times that I do somewhat miss the old journalspace blogs. They had some features I've not found on other blogsites. And I miss some of the dynamics that were there.

But it seems that events conspire, or inspire, or some other word that ends in -ire, to draw me back in. I reckon in a lot of ways this is therapy for me. And at any rate, we can't look back. No-we can look back. We just can't go back.

I suspect future posts will be fewer in frequency and at least for a while the topics will spray to all fields, from humorous to profound, or at least as profound as I get. I also will probably do entries that are simply links to videos. I think I'd like to do a few vids on the local sights.

As I looked at the blog on Sunday morning, though, I got tired of looking at the entries on the death and the visitation. So it's time to switch topics.

I present, for your viewing enjoyment (?), The Wildlife Hunter, and his companion, Roosevelt. If it goes well, maybe the Wildlife Hunter will make more appearances as opportunity presents itself.

yankeedog out.


  1. Lol!!!! Those accents were fantastic!

    Definately need more appearances from those two, preferably some where we get to see them interacting with the wildlife!

    As far as your blog goes, don't forget it is YOUR blog. It doesn't have to topical or controversial, it can just be about what you did last week or a story from your childhood. It can be whatever you want it to be, write for yourself and not your audience.

    I always enjoy your travel posts and the video's from the memorial park and Browning museum were great!

    Look forward to more of whatever you want to share with us.

  2. I'll second Naut YDog, I'd miss you if I couldn't catch up here as we're to far apart to pop over for a beer. As Naut said it's your place do as you will.

  3. Noooo! You've got to keep going YD.

    Where else would the Cub's Supporters meet?

  4. YD

    With recent events it is litle wonder you are feeling a bit off about blogging.

    Maybe take a coule of months away from here to refresh the batteries.

    Most/All of us will still be here.

  5. I've taken weeks and months off mainly because I couldn't think of anything I wanted to say, but I always end up coming back, because it's fun to write and have people come along and bounce ideas off you or even just agree loudly and swearily with whatever you were ranting about. I like that. Like you I don't think much of getting into stand-up screaming matches on the internet, reminded of that very politically incorrect comment about arguing on the internet being like competing in the Special Olympics (I won't go into the punchline!) Writing is therapy, it's communication, and it helps to organise your thought processes. I don't think I'd be able to give it up that easily.

    Key point - write about whatever the hell you want. As Naut says it's your blog! It don't have to be profound or funny, just honest.

  6. Gents, like I said, this is a bit of therapy for me-both in writing mine and reading all of yours.
    Right now I'm going to be beaucoup busy for a while-but I've got a feeling that The Wildlife Hunter might make an appearance or two-he's been sighted in the area! Oi! Crikey!