24 June 2009

The pinnacle of human existence?

As I read over my last few posts, I realize the blog's gone all depressing. This has to have been the blog equivalent of listening to 'The End' by The Doors, or most of Roger Waters' whingings during his stint with Pink Floyd.

Humanity has come a ways since we came down out of the trees. We've spread across the entire planet, traveled underwater, achieved flight, conquered diseases, gone to the Moon, and sent probes to most of the other planets and out into deep space in hopes that Zaxxon the Magnificent and his Hordetroopers will find our fragile little beacons, track our location, and give us a beatdown.

We've come so far.

But as I found the picture below, I think we've hit our peak and are sliding back from whence we came.

Yes, he's wearing his underwear as a shirt. We came so close to success, too.

yankeedog out.


  1. Wow - this is truly about as high as we can go isn't it?

  2. Surely this is the pinnicle!! The ultimate in recycling.

    I feel a little be closer to nature having visited here.

  3. Yeah it's all downhill from here.

  4. I'm glad he cut the crotch out!

  5. Could be worse...he may have fashioned some sort of sick headwear out them.

  6. More chlorine to the shallow end please.

  7. At least they are clean... unless the skid marks were on the cut out bit.


    I'm sorry, I'm with the dude. TOTAL.FRICKEN.GENIUS.

    SRSLY....who here has SRSLY thought, "Wow, these could ALSO be a singlet"....no one eh?....NOT.ONE. Fella needs some sort of MENSA award.

    Ain't gonna wear em myself....unless I lose it - (I'll add THAT caveat) - but still, that's one to store away in the upstairs cabinet.



  9. Hmmmm, the literal, head up his ass.

  10. I've woken up feeling pretty bad, but I never thought "you know this singlet is kinda tight"

  11. Guru-Yep. This is as good as humanity gets.

    Nautilis-I feel a little bit closer to the South, personally.

    Yarbo-Back to the trees. I hope this is the last record of humans left so when the alien archeologists dig here in a million years, they'll know what we achieved.

    Mick-Really, would it have mattered if he did?

    Natalie-Hush that talk! I'm working on the Fruit Of The Loom Y-front dew rag as we speak.

    Bangar-I picture your guy the Leech wearing something like this.

    Al-The skid marks would be on his chest. He could do an oil change or spill choc ice cream and no one could tell the difference.

    Moko-I confess that using my underwear as an abbreviated wife-beater shirt never occurred to me.

    Jaded-That's true. Maybe he's making a statement other than 'I'm an idiot'.

    Barnesy-Me neither. And with you in a share house with Birmo, Flinthart, et al, back in the day, that might be something of a surprise to all of us.

  12. You're all assuming the underpants are his. Where's the evidence? Maybe those are prized souvenir underpants from his celebrity of choice. Maybe they're his brother's underpants. We have no way of knowing. The point is that this may not be a simple act of atavistic idiocy: it's faintly possible that this is a brilliantly subtle form of social commentary.

    Unlikely, I'll grant. But not impossible!

  13. If it's a form of social commentary, I'll be damned if I can figure it out.

  14. I'm thinking more muscles mighta made this a fashion frenzy, currently...JUST SHOOTABLE, weird,..But still shootable

  15. Actually, he might have the 'man-boobs' thing going and this is his idea of a sports bra.

  16. I'm sure this was done either because money changed hands, or as punishment because a particular team lost.

  17. I hadn't thought of that-and should have.

    Where do you think this was, then? I'd bet Green Bay. This sounds like the work of a Packers wager.