30 May 2009

Visitation accomplished

We had our visitation Thursday night. As such events go, not a bad evening. We opted not to have a lot of the sad 'funeral' music so prevalent, except for 'Taps' and 'Eternal Father, Strong To Save' (the Hymn of the US Navy, among others). Mostly the background was the old-school country music Frank was so fond of. The final selection before Honors was one of his favorites, 'Thank God (And Greyhound), You're Gone'. Somehow I can't help that it was a heavenly parting shot from him to all of us.

Now, you're probably thinking 'If that was one of his fave songs, he musta been a real hick'. Perhaps. Most of the people in town have a bit of hick in them-even yours truly. That part of northwest Illinois is not exactly the state's center of culture. Possibly we're the state's center of what my Aussie friends would call 'boganism' mixed with some good ol' Yank river rat.

At any rate, I saw some folks I'd not seen or thought about in years-decades in a few cases-and caught with a couple of auld mates from school who stopped by.

A few laughs, and not so many tears. As it should be. Personally I'd like my visitation/funeral to be like in the first 30 seconds of this clip from 'Red Dwarf'.

Time now to move forward. Thanks all for your support, everyone-much appreciated.

I see now that there's a big lot of cleaning up to do, most of you have scurried off like Big Bad Al's RoboRoach. Nice.

Much to do now. Ta.

yankeedog out.


  1. Great that it went well.

    Love Red Dwarf.

    ...I'd lend a hand with the cleaning and all, but distance being the BEST excuse EVAAAR. Have fun.

  2. I'd send RoboRoach to help you clean up but it is grounded.

    Yesterday it attacked the toes of the little 3 yo who lives upstairs making her laugh hysterically.

    We can't have happy children around here.

    Happy Cleaning YD.

  3. oh btw. Good win to the Cubs agin the Dodgers.

  4. Glad to hear it went as well as these things can.

  5. Sorry to hear of your Loss YD. I'm glad things went as planned

  6. I'll be right over to help with the cleaning, I've just gotta do this thing first. But then I'll be right over. Shouldn't be long. Yep, I'll just do this thing, then that other thing, then I just have to drop by that place on the way. Won't be long at all ........

  7. I'd stay and help..but ya know!..got shite to do, places ta visit..rarara. Be Good YD

  8. Moko-Yep, I'm a big fan of the Dwarf as well. Fortunately it was never Americanized.

    Al-Still using the Dickensian method with children, eh? And the Cubs split the four-game set.

    Bangar-Well, visitations aren't my idea of fun times. It did go well, though.

    Mick-Appreciate it, troop.

    Naut-Yeah, and I'll help with ditch digging next time as well.

    Havock-You don't have that much to do. I pay untraceable cash!

  9. They did try making a US version of Red Dwarf, but it was absolutely awful. Everyone was too shiny and good looking. Lister looked like Han Solo. NO NO NO NO NO.