26 May 2009

The end planned.

Today we got the end ceremonies planned out for Frank. We're doing a simple visitation and military honors (He had 4 years in the Army, and 16 in the Navy, including time right at the end of the Korean War, so he's entitled). The local VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) will play 'Taps' and present a flag to Mom. Any gifts from the funeral will go to said VFW-perhaps they could help another family of our current soldiers.

After that, cremation. He wanted burial at sea, but it is expensive and dependent on a Navy ship being available to perform the duty. His sister lives in Seattle, and we're thinking she could run up to Bremerton (he was stationed at Bremerton Base for a time) and place his ashes in Puget Sound. Incidentally, he was part of the plankowner (first) crew of the destroyer tender USS Puget Sound (AD-38). Dulce et decorum est...

I reckon I'm going to tear up a bit when I hear 'Taps'. I always do. Rather glad you all won't be there to see that. I'd never hear the end of it.

Still very busy, of course, and not quite sure of the endgame with Mom. Only two chambers of her heart are working-and they're hooked up to a pacemaker/defibrillator. I'm not too sure she's got a whole lot longer. She says she's ready, because life is no great time right now. When the body gets in that shape, death is probably a release.

A bit morbid-more so than I'm feeling, oddly. Sorry. I'm sure one of you regulars will come up with some humor and snappiness, though.

Cheers all, mates.

yankeedog out.


  1. "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori, sed dulcius pro patria vivere, et dulcissimum pro patria bibere. Ergo, bibamus pro salute patriae"

    "It is sweet and right to die for the homeland, but it is sweeter to live for the homeland, and the sweetest to drink for it. Therefore, let us drink to the health of the homeland."

  2. Yes. Horace. Also used in many antiwar bits, but you have part of the context.

  3. Not alone with Taps, bagpipes at Funerals effin kill me..I DID NOT SAY THE EITHER!.

    Hmm, our own mortality...well, to be honest YD, I'm not going there, you sound by the prose.....blank. So, be good, stay safe and best wishes H

  4. Havock-'Amazing Grace' on the pipes-yeah, I'll second your emotion.

    Really, I just feel buried by the work right now.
    Thanks for the thoughts, however.