24 March 2011

One more before I go...

The sports talk station I listen to has a feature (670AM- The Score, Chicago) on Thursday afternoons has a segment called 'Who Ya Crappin'?', where listeners can call/email in odd things that someone said (not something someone did). You'd be surprised at some of the gems people dig up, which point out someone's verbal gaffe, lie, or outright hypocrisy. This week had a few winners to pass along. I'll abridge them since I'm doing them from memory. Here goes:

-This week on ESPN, analyst Dick Vitale was expounding the praises of embattled University of Tennessee basketball head coach Bruce Pearl. Vitale said of Pearl "He does things the right way!".

Pearl was fired by the university after lying to an NCAA committee investigating recruiting violations and receiving a five game suspension for same earlier this year.

Dick Vitale-who ya crappin'?

(YD's note: Pearl is a piece of hypocritical garbage. He needs to go away.)

And one for Newt Gingrich, who a couple of weeks ago said on a TV show: "We're the United States. We can go in and set-up a no-fly zone in Libya to aid the rebels, and we should."

In a recent interview after the Libya no-fly operations began, Gingrich said, "I wouldn't have gotten involved in this."

Newt, you windsock. Take a stand. Who ya crappin'?

(YD's note: Newt Gingrich is, in fact, a windsock. Sorry, conservatives, but there it is.)

Vladimir Putin, Tsar of Some of the Russias, also got caught this week. In his protest of the Libya no-fly zone, he stated his concern over nations interfering in the affairs of a sovereign state that was fighting separatist rebels.

This didn't bother him in 2008, when he was rolling Russian tanks through the Republic of Georgia, a...you guessed it...sovereign state that was fighting seperatist rebels!

Vladimr Putin, you unsmiling bastard-Кто ты шутишь?

(YD's note: Tsar Vladimir is a unsmiling bastidge-but he still has more integrity than Bruce Pearl. And possibly Newt Gingrich.)


'Tis time for the annual trip to Indianapolis for a Masters swim meet for TBH. I will of course be chauffeur, lap counter, and equipment manager. Looking forward to getting out of here for the weekend. You kids behave yourselves.
Since all who visit here have a huge fondness for 1980s music, I thought I'd pull up some faves from the Decade of Excess. Like to hear 'em? Here goes:


And a couple for our guy Moko, who is going to start getting behind the wheels of a truck. Look out, everyone!

Ah yes, that tune was written by an Australian, wasn't it-where they have strange place names like Oodnalatta, Moorooka, and Wagga Wagga. Not good American names like Winnemucca, Oskaloosa, or Walla Walla.
Very well, then. The original Oz version for your listening pleasure!

yankeedog out.


  1. Pearl is a newbie to me, but I reckon he'd get a job with Eastern Suburbs Roosters (Rorters) Rugby League Club. They'd love him.
    You old Goth, playing The Cure. Knew of but hadn't heard JC's version of Everywhere. Of course he's gonna do a great American version. Glad he did. Like it.

  2. Oh yeah, all the best to YBH for the swim meet and don't lose any towels.