14 March 2011

Buckets time again

It's March, and we all know what that means, at least here. NCAA college basketball tournament time!

Or you can go here for a readable bracket.

You know the drill. Pick the Final Four. I think Bangar is the reigning champion, as he spends minutes poring over strength of schedule, player matchups, and statistics for each of the 68 teams going into the tournament.

Don't know much about college basketball? No worries! Just pick a team out of each region and run with it.

YD's Final Four: Ohio State out of the East Region, Duke from the West, Purdue out of the Southwest, and Kansas State as a surprise from the Southeast Region. Ohio State beats Duke, K-State over Purdue. Ohio State over K-State for the National Championship.

There you are. You heard it here first. Bet everything you and your children own!!!

Good luck!

yankeedog out.


  1. I'll buy that for a dollar. I bet whatever's left out of this four-pack of Guinness. One Guinness.

  2. Washington, Cincinnati, Richmond, Pittsburgh.
    I thought some one else won last year? I just collected the trophy, when they, ah, couldn't make it to the presentations shall we say?

  3. Okey dokey. Fuck you Dr Y, get out of the way of the darts board. Cheers mate. Now for my picks.
    Radar O'reilly's home state - Ohio would be east, for M.A.S.H. reasons innit.
    Elvis for the west - Memphisexistentialists ftw
    South West I'm going TASM because its one letter away from a great band, TISM. And its Texas, where apparently everyting is awsomely big. Unless its compared to something like a minor Australian state.
    South East I'm going Kansas because I'm not there and it rhymes with ANZUS.