08 May 2011

Planes, trains, and automobiles...

...will be big in the area this summer.

We've got the Quad City Air Show in June-the 25th annual already. I can remember going to the second show back in 1987. Doesn't seem like that long ago. Although they have about the same stuff every year, I still enjoy seeing the old and new birds, both civil and military. The featured performers are the Blue Angels. The Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds are a must-see at any show, as are most nations' aerobatic teams.

We've got Train Festival 2011 here in late July, which should draw a lot of people. There are supposed to be several steam engines here for the festival. The Iowa Interstate Railroad (the descendant of the Rock Island Railroad) is quite steam-excursion friendly and will be hosting several small and a couple of all-day trips over their lines. One of the short trips involves taking the railroad downriver to Muscatine and riding the Celebration Belle excursion boat back to the QCs. That might be an enjoyable trip. There's nothing like riding the river on a warm summer's day, especially with access to a cold one and no responsibility for actually driving the boat.

Automobiles? Ok-I don't know of any major classic car show in the area, but I do know that around these parts we can find a car show or cruise night most any weekend. Last year there was a show in downtown Moline that had vehicles going clear back to the very early 1900s. Good stuff! Now, if we count the Trucker's Jamboree in the middle of July, then we do have a major automobile event here. There are some great old rigs out at the Jamboree-well worth a look. Those vehicle owners have put a LOT of cash and sweat in their machines! In addition, they're serving that staple of Midwest festivals-the grilled pork chop sandwich. Done properly, an unequaled culinary delight!

We're going to take in Cubs v. Reds in August at Wrigley, and hopefully some Vintage Base Ball (the game as played with the original 1850s and 1860s rules) games as we run across them. Many Civil War reenactments and living history museums have vintage base ball or cricket (yep, we used to play cricket up until around the 1860s). Fun to watch and definitely different from the game today.

Looks like the summer here shouldn't be boring. There's plenty of stuff happening for a change. Add in the occasional family emergency or crisis, possible overtime, and finishing renovations, and it'll be right busy 'round these parts.

yankeedog out.


  1. Sounds like a busy and enjoyable Summer YDog. Naturally those of us unable to attend will enjoy your posts about the outings.

  2. Bangar-Reckon I'll show what I get to. Always good to show off the local attractions and festivals.