20 February 2011

And next on the docket...

It's shaping up to be a busy bastidge of a week here. My sister-in-law is getting a knee replacement on Monday,  I have to cart Mom to two doctor appointments on Tuesday, and Bob's memorial/reception is on Friday afternoon. Add that to work and everything else that crops up over a week-should be fun. There are times I feel spread a bit thin.

I did hop over to Borders this weekend, where there was a surprising number of shoppers. Amazing what can happen when the parent company anounces bankruptcy. I suppose everyone wants to get their gift cards expended in case the local store closes. Picked up a big collection of Arthur C. Clarke's short stories and novellas (I'd forgotten how good his short stories were. I've never been a great fan of his novels, for whatever reason), and Robert Conroy's 1901, which appears to have to do with Imperial Germany invading the US in, well, 1901. Looks like a fun read, if not terribly realistic.

And that, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is the upcoming schedule. Wish you were here.

yankeedog out.


  1. That is a busy week. Must say I haven't read Clarke, it's on the to do list though.

  2. " Wish you were here",

    No you don't where would we all fit?

  3. On Saturday I recommend beer. Shame that the MLB season hasn't started. For laughs you could follow Canada in the cricket world cup. They have an ageing Aussie (John Davison) who did well for then last time, in 2003 scoring the quickest century in world cups until then. This time around, not so good. Sort of like a ball player not quite cementing a regular MLB spot but hitting a grand slam in a play off. Then doing not so much. The Cubs would sign him.