23 November 2010

Just half a week this week

Not much to say here of late-something of the calm before the Holiday storm.

Spent the weekend on a bit of R&R, culminating in going to the theater to see Monty Python's Spamalot. It's something of a musical takeoff on Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and it was an enjoyable enough show. The cast had studied a lot of the Pythons, I'd guess, because they nailed most of the accents and mannerisms of the troupe. Recommended seeing if you can!

Getting ready for Thanksgiving here. As usual, TBH and I will take her mom and her mom's fellow out for a buffet dinner. By 2:30 pm we'll be done and I can watch the NFL and digest. The rest of the weekend appears to be packed. I'm NOT, however, going out shopping on Friday. Screw that. We'll go see my clan that day.

Welp, reckon that's about it for now.

yankeedog out.


  1. Spamalot was written a few years back by Eric Idle, the most musically inclined of the Python team, when it became clear they'd never work together again. Idle wrote pretty much all the musical numbers from the Python TV shows and films. I think he's working on a musical version of Life of Brian as a followup.

  2. Saw Spamalot when it was here a year or two ago ... was an xmas present from the HLDW. Lots of fun.

    Have a happy and safe long weekend. Turkey heaven here.


  3. Doc-I knew Eric Idle was responsible for Spamalot-and a good job he did-got a Tony Award for it back in 2005. I've read that the Python troupe had mixed feelings on it-Gilliam was apathetic, Jones not pleased, Palin and Cleese both liked. Still great fun.

    Rhino-Thanks and Happy Turkey Day to the Hero of New York!