04 June 2010

Ooh, look-a Magnetbox!!

I'm off on a secret assignment for the weekend-but I'll leave you with some pics of knockoff products-the kind you find in third-world bazaars, dollar stores, and flea markets all over the world. Some good stuff here!

Now, there's nothing with the PolyStation, but I'm more of an XBux 350 fan.

'Curse you, Spader-Man', said his nemesis, Green Goober.

SuperBat-patrolling the streets of Gothamopolis on his, umm...Bat-skateboard?!?

Well, you should see Politic Pat/He's so good looking like a big yellow rat/Him and his sister/In a polythene blister/You should see Politic Pat/Yeah yeah yeah

(thanks to John, Paul, George, and Ringo for help on that one)

It was a Laser Sword, like this one, in the hands of Lark Starstider that struck down Emperor Pulpytine and his apprentice, Garth Vandal.

Few people know that Omni Consumer Products developed Robert Cop first. Unfortunately, he had aluminum armor and the CPU of a Sinclair ZX-81. He was flimsy, slow, stupid, and wouldn't load programs properly off his cassette drive. RoboCop was a much better model.

Hi-ho Silver, awaaay! To the Bat-Cave!

Oh, my God! ...We finally really did it! You maniacs!! You created a cheap knockoff of one of the most successful sci-fi-properties of the 20th Century and aren't paying any royalties! Ah, damn you!! God damn you all to hell!!!

Faster than a speeding sloth! More powerful than a SmartCar! Able to leap a cardboard box in a single bound! It's a pigeon! It's a Piper Cub! No-it's Specialman!!

My boss is a Jewish carpenter. My national symbol is a Kentucky Colonel and a fried chicken tycoon.

Cheers all!

yankeedog out.

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  1. Specialman looks particularly, erm, special.

    That's gold YD. Excellent work.