11 March 2010

Signs o' the times

Ah. A bit better now. It was a rough last couple of weeks taking care of Mom-running her back and forth to the hospital a couple of times and a few trips up to the old hometown after work (200 km round trip plus time spent there-did that five times one week). I think we've got this round under control. A bit depressing but a hell of a lot more wearing. Just needed a bit of time out.

Tonight I just want to show off some signs:

Actually, this is an ad for the University of Maryland Terrapins sports. Just like the Akron Zips, with their mascot, Zippy the Kangaroo (Ohio kangaroos will beat an Aussie kangaroo like a drum). Fear The Roo.

You participants in the Franco-Prussian War gotta move them horses!

Now that's handy! A back adjustment and a coffee enema!

I remember Jacky from the Hotel "Yes Please". I was on leave in Manila. '69. And the year was 1986.

The sign for the X-Files Curry Palace, my favorite Indian restaurant.

I'd like the minnow chow mein and sweet and sour waxworms...

The flying class is easy. The landing class is a bit more challenging.

Yeah, a skilift in the ass could be a problem.

Havock? Looking at you on this one. Don't be kicking people's balls into the fence!

Who cares if you get the stray femur or vertebra in fill dirt anyway?

Looks like they hunt signs at the Big Mountain Hunt Club. Good shot group on the Adopt-a-Highway sign, though.

If I were to do a tasteless comment, I might ask if this were the sign for the First Church of Cunnilingus. But I have standards and some morality, so I don't feel I could with honor go for a cheap caption.

Except for the painter standing on the 12 foot long 2"x4".

This is why I like Walgreen's. They have everything. Just today I went in, got a prescription refilled, picked up some toothpaste, a small bag of Doritos, and a load of chicken poop. You can't pass that deal up with those prices!

I likes my odd signs!

yankeedog out.


  1. I'll try and get a photo of a stable manure sign for you YDog.

  2. rofl Gold. That's great.

    Hope things sort themselves out on the home front there.