22 November 2009

A big vat o' nothing

Been a bit too busy to write up a post over the week, and I've not really felt much like commenting on any of the major issues of the week, local or otherwise.

Brad (the other designer at The Company) and I have been beaucoup busy trying to knock out a big project for Big Green (a major agricultural equipment company based here that shall remain nameless, but is not Caterpillar or Case New Holland). We worked both days this weekend trying to get orders through to the shop. I understand that all of this stuff has to be on its way by the first week of December, which isn't a whole hell of a lot of time given that we have the four-day Thanksgiving weekend this week. I suspect I'll be working at least one day during the vacation. Beats fighting the crowds at the shops, though.

Speaking of which, here it is, the 21st of November, and one of the local radio stations has already started the Christmas music. Just a bit early for my liking. The first song of the season I heard was Elvis's Blue Christmas. OK. Not bad. The next tune was Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. I got past all of last year and only heard that tired old ditty once. That didn't bother me one bit. One hopes that Saturday morning's ration of  'Grandma...' will be all I hear for this season. There are better songs out there.

Like Snoopy's Christmas.

Now I understand that there's a dispute between the Australians and the British over who shot down The Red Baron. Truth is, it wasn't either bunch. It was, of course, the fabulous flying beagle shown here. And I oughta know.

Let's kick the season off with a bit of the Royal Guardsmen (who are going to be touring Europe next year-not bad for a novelty garage band from the 1960s!), shall we?

yankeedog out.


  1. Enjoy whatever of the long weekend you get.

    With you on the xmas thing, I have a rule that I hate any xmas promotion before my birthday (I figure I should get at least equal billing to Jesus) and the 21st is before my birthday.

    Strangely when I was a little kid I used to walk around with a stuffed snoopy on top of my head. I think I figured that if he liked sleep onto of his kennel then he would be at home on top of my head.

  2. Yeah, we don't have the thanksgiving thing to slow the mercheantile sector down so they are full steam ahead to XMAS.

    And sorry to correct you but everyone knows it was an Australian Ace who shot the red baron down. He just looked like snoopy.

  3. Worst song ever written: John Deere Green.

    They were farm kids way down in Dixie
    They met in high school in the sixties
    Everyone knew it was love from the start
    One July in the midnight hour
    He climed up on the water tower
    Stood on the rail and painted a 10ft heart
    In John Deere green

    On a hot summer night
    He wrote Billy Bob loves Charlene
    In letters 3 foot high
    And the whole town said that he should have used red
    But it looked good to Charlene
    In John Deere green

    ...and on, and on, and ON...

  4. With you on working on the weekend, Christmas to early and of course we know who downed the Baron.

  5. Naut-As of now, it looks like maybe two days out of the four.

    Ah, a Christmas birthday! Those are good. Saves a lot of hassle with two celebrations and such. Most people that have birthdays on the holidays don't see it that way.

    Barnesy-He ain't Snoopy The Flying Dingo. Fugeddaboudit!

    Doc-Oof. This is why I got out of country music-all the real country stars have either passed on or retired. All there is now is drivel.

    Bangar-Unemployment is high, and those of us still employed are working like madmen. Go figure.

  6. Aside from Johnny Cash, who did some good work, I have to admit the only other cuntry/western player I ever liked was Kinky Friedman. For his lyrics. And because a band called the Texas Jewboys is just too marvellous a concept to despise.

  7. Dirk-Johnny Cash 'did some good work'?!? I'll take him dead over any five modern acts!

    Kinky Friedman. Now there's a name I've not heard in a long time. I believe nowadays he does as much or more writing than singing. Not a bad choice, there.