13 September 2009

Increasing OpTempo

I appear to have been conscripted into a little project, so I'm going to be busy well into next week. As I left, I put a dollar in the Cyberjukebox to play a few faves for y'all. Even hit the numbers for you. Listen up!

A2: This band was formed in downstate Illinois a looong time ago. I've drunk rather a lot to this song back inna day. Give it a play.

B6: One from the mid 1960s. No one captured the Hudson-Mohawkside sound like the Knickerbockers. No! We're not trying to sound like those guys from Liverpool! Not us! Not Don, Saul, Porge, and Bingo!

B8: Another oldie-a minor hit here but I gather somewhat bigger Down Under. It features one of the Musical Young Dynasty. Would you believe I have a striped jacket just like those the band wears? No? Good.

K7: I don't know who would be considered the performer of the iconic 'American' song. Perhaps Springsteen, but for my money, John Mellencamp's songs capture the spirit of the Midwest. The man writes what he knows-a good rule to follow whether an author or songwriter. The Small Town he sings about might have been the one I grew up in.

D3: They don't make country and western songs like this anymore. Nor does any radio station play them-if you can have classic and oldie rock, why not country? Saddle up, amigos-we're headed for the border.

D5: I'm up for a trip to the tropics. I can't afford one, but I'm up for the trip anyway. Perhaps a bit of the good Mr. Buffett will help-that and a drop of the medicinal rum!

F2: At first I scoffed at this bunch-but I've become a fan! Hello, hello...

A11: As you all know, I can't get enough neo-swing/jazz/blues/rock/folk/bayou/klezmer, even though the genre has become trite. Don't like my rambling? Put a lid on it!

E8: We'll go back to the beginning of the last century for some Scott Joplin. I've seen sheet music of Joplin's work-it appears to be quite a challenge to plunk out. Not for the squeamish!

H4: Finally! The last tune. The Metrolites were a local band that specialized in lounge/surf/spy rock. Never heard of them? I'm not too surprised. This is their cover of 'The Blob', from the original '50s film (no bloody Blob -B, -C, or -D!).

You've heard enough. I suppose too much exposure to my musical tastes would be considered a crime against humanity in some circles.

Later, kids.

yankeedog out.


  1. Nice tunes YDog, but you left a credit on there so here's my selection.

  2. Ah,Zappa. An excellent choice, sir!